Rob Sperry

6 Figures and Beyond

My passion for sharing and collaborating inspired me to create a series

6 FIGURES AND BEYOND is not a book for those who want to merely survive in the network marketing space. This book is geared towards giving you a blueprint on how to make figures annually. No, this book won't tell you to grind your face off and sleep when you are dead. No, this book will not tell you to just believe more. This book will give you tactical strategies all from different authors who have walked the walk. These co-authors have ALL made over 6 figures annually and each will give you their top-secret to achieving the 6 figure mark.

These books serve as sources of knowledge, experience, and connection.
I have hand-selected top names in the industry to collaborate on the book
you are reading or listening to right now.

The authors in this book will share actionable steps that you can take in your business today that could
ultimately lead to your success. For example, one of the authors in this book told me, «I was close to the top rank in the company but felt completely stuck. Nothing my sponsor said helped. It wasn't until I read your very first
collaboration book that my huge breakthrough came.» She implemented what she learned from that book, and success quickly followed. This book is here to help you achieve six figures and beyond. As I read
through the book, I was taking notes!

There are some valuable lessons and tools that you can use starting today. But you have to be willing
to commit and take action. Six-figure businesses don't happen by themselves. It takes people like you who are eager to get to work and keep working until it happens. We know you can do it, and we want to help you do it — that's a powerful combination. You won't find That Guy among any of these authors.

All you will find are fantastic minds ready to share their secrets to help you have your next breakthrough success.
276 printed pages
Original publication
Rob Sperry



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