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Archana Mathur

Become Proficient in Speaking and Writing - GOOD ENGLISH

  • b5649723793has quoted2 years ago
    PDQ = pretty damn quick
  • rootarthas quoted8 years ago
    The mandarins of the Home Ministry have decided not to deploy the rapid-action force there.
  • rootarthas quoted8 years ago
    A large number of people kow-tow to him now that he has become a minister
  • rootarthas quoted8 years ago
    Google = to search information from the internet, particularly from Google. com
    I googled to find information about the latest techniques of farming.
  • rootarthas quoted8 years ago
    bisexual = having characteristics of both sexes
  • rootarthas quoted8 years ago
    number of…Here is confusing grammar. Though the subject, number, is in a singular form it is so strongly plural in meaning that it takes a plural verb
  • rootarthas quoted8 years ago
    At, in, on. These three prepositions cause a lot of confusion. They act as function words.
    Examples of correct usage are given below:
    She is still working at the problem.
    The party was held at his house.
    She is very good at badminton.
    He was called to the office at short notice.
    She is working in the kitchen.
    I solved the puzzle in no time.
    There were only 10 people in the hall.
    Swimming in the lake is prohibited.
  • rootarthas quoted8 years ago
    Average; mean; median.
  • rootarthas quoted8 years ago
    Alright; all right. Allright is a short, combined form of two words, all and right. The purist frown on it and write it in two separate words, all right, but alright, as one word, is in wide use particularly in speech.
  • rootarthas quoted8 years ago
    Altogether; all together. The two forms are often confused. Altogether means ‘entirely’, ‘wholly’, ‘completely’. In a special informal sense, it means ‘nude’ preceded by ‘the’. The phrase all together has the meaning of ‘in one place or in a group’.
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