Marilou Flinkman

Summer Dream

In 1825 New York, marriage and family are a common desire of most women. But for Liz, whose family is very dependent on her, she knows romance may be as fleeting as a summer dream. But that's before Stephen Ames arrives in town to become the new pastor. From the moment she first sees Stephen, Liz feels emotions she has never experienced before. Frantically, she strives to hide her growing attraction for Stephen, convinced it can only bring heartache. Then disaster strikes her small community, and Liz discovers qualities in herself that she never imagined existed. Will her life continue along the road she has always followed, or is Liz about to discover that a summer dream can become reality?
178 printed pages


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    A warm-hearted read.


    Cris Lohas quoted6 months ago
    As he bent to seal their vows with a kiss, Stephen Ames knew the realization of a dream he had cherished for months and the beginning of dreams that would last a lifetime.
    Cris Lohas quoted6 months ago
    Mama sat rocking in her chair, plying her needle on the dress for Edie.
    Cris Lohas quoted6 months ago
    “It is Ephesians, the fourth chapter, and the thirty-second verse: ‘And be ye kind one to another, tender-hearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ’s sake hath forgiven you.’

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