Chris Middlehurst

There's a Good Dog

Meat trucks on fire and chiennes fatales. Sadistic toddlers and murderous bouncers. Television pirates and toilet wall haikus. Sarcastic sofa sellers and perverted policemen. In one word: England. Join Ezra the dog on a unique journey into the heart of an immense weirdness. A violent, hallucinatory and sometimes enlightening vision of the world seen through the eyes of a very strange canine mind, There’s a Good Dog… is the ultimate flipside of twee, family-friendly picnic adventures. Like a plate of frozen spaghetti or a road trip with a rabid grizzly bear, this experience will leave you shaking, spitting and howling by the end of it: unlike frozen spaghetti or a road trip with a rabid grizzly bear, you might actually end up enjoying it.

Are you sitting uncomfortably? Then I’ll begin…
64 printed pages
Publication year
Andrews UK, AG Books
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