Kenny Hyman

Death Before Dishonor

«This is not your average ninja tale.»
Everything about brothers Terry and Yuri is a lie—their lifestyles, their careers, their behavior, right down to their friendly smiles. Beneath the veneer of luxury, lurk two killers with a lethal skill-set that was taught to them by a legendary subculture long-thought extinct. In a single stroke of cunning, the two brothers were forcibly catapulted into a shadowy and gritty world of honor, stealth, and murder when they were adopted into one of the last surviving Japanese ninja clans after they were orphaned by the tragic death of their parents. Life has changed greatly since their childhood deep in the countryside of Iga, Japan, the homeland of the fabled ninja. Following a less-than-amicable split with their clansmen, they built a life of extravagance far from Iga. Guided by Ninpo—the fanatically religious code of the Shinobi—Terry and Yuri trade their swords for rifles and market themselves as killers-for-hire for any employer with a contract that aligns with their values. And, life is good. Until, after nearly a decade, they are recalled to Japan to fulfill Ninpo’s most sacred duty—a duty that could cost them their lives. As their past catches up to their present, the brothers are led to an unbelievable and inconceivable truth: all is not what it seems in an organization that demands secrecy from its followers, as it may also have secrets of its own—secrets that inevitably could lead to the deaths of countless innocents and threaten to extinguish an integral part of Japanese history that the two American-made brothers have come to identify with. Threatened from all directions by enemies as shadowy as themselves, Terry and Yuri realize that vengeance and honor are their only allies as they race time to avenge their dead. Will they succeed or will they find themselves the prey of their enemies?
Brotherhood will be tested – so will honor.
464 printed pages
Original publication


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