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Dr. Sebi Fasting

Do you want to learn how to fast Dr. Sebi approved way?

Have you tried fasting in the past but failed because it is too hard and you did not see any result?

Do you want to know how to fast to lose weight and cure many diseases such as herpes, asthma, etc?

Then you are welcome to read further…

In the words of the world-renowned Doctor, Dr. Sebi, “I love to fast because I am good for her”. Dr. Sebi undoubtedly benefited tremendously from fasting, and he as well taught others to fast in a bid to achieve an excellent state of health.

In his own words, every person should fast for at least 12 days in a year as not everyone will have the will to fast as long as he did (the Dr. fasted for 90 days). On the 30th day of the Dr.'s fasting, he overcame his diabetes and at 52 days, his impotency vanished into thin air.

This is why Dr. Sebi has always placed emphasis on his love for fasting.

Want to learn more on how to fast Dr. Sebi way, lose weight and cure many other diseases?

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  • b0563671663has quoted2 years ago
    Vegetables are essential in your diet because studies have shown that vegetarian blood pressure was at an all-time
  • Shanya Jonnayhas quoted4 years ago
    to 14, you can expect to get nauseous.
  • Shanya Jonnayhas quoted4 years ago
    fifth day, you will not be hungry, and on the ninth day, there will be mucus in the stool

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