Bruce Feldman

Meat Market

    eleni chitoni-tzemoshas quoted2 months ago
    will just remind all of us that those among us without sin should cast the first stone
    eleni chitoni-tzemoshas quoted2 months ago
    The running joke among people who covered college football was that SEC actually stood for “Sure, Everybody Cheats
    medvedeva07051has quoted2 months ago
    Young’s father, Johnny, wasn’t happy either. He left a note for Orgeron with his secretary: “Darius Young, WR, hurt during spec. camp (finger & knee). DBs too physical w/no equipment. Wants to talk to Coach O!!”
    “Darius Young’s daddy doesn’t know what he did to his kid,” Orgeron said later. “You say that the DBs were ‘too physical with no equipment,’ you might as well be telling me your son’s not tough enough to play at Ole Miss.”
    The brightest development from summer camp, according to Orgeron’s post-mortem during Monday’s recruiting meeting, was that the Rebels had found some more linebackers.
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