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Shopify: The Essential Guide to Effectively Plan and Market Your Shopify E-commerce Store

The Essential Guide to Effectively Plan and Market Your Shopify E-commerce Store is a no-fuss guide that walks you through the many aspects and considerations of opening your first ecommerce store. Specifically written for those using the platform Shopify, the information still applies to any ecommerce store solutions. This step-by-step approach is easy to follow, starts with the PLANNING stages instead of simply jumping into Shopify use, and offers nuggets of information and advice along the way. 
Topics include:
• Everything you need to be successful,
• The legal and tax considerations you must address,
• How to find a viable market you are passionate about,
• The basics of keyword research and how to apply this for search engine optimization,
• How and where to source products for your ecommerce store,
• An introduction to the Shopify product listing process,
• How to handle orders from shipping to drop shipping to fulfilment services,
• How to effectively market your product, both free and paid methods.
This first-step approach will take the guess work out of leaving your nine to five grind and working towards being financially independent. The skills and information here can be scaled to create larger stores, multiple stores, and expands into several other online and passive income opportunities. Here’s to your success with Shopify!
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