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7 Day Cleaning and Organizing – Discover 7 Key Steps to Keep your House Clean and Organized All Year Around

Discover 7 Key Steps to Keep your House Clean and Organized All Year Around. How dirty is your home? Coming in at the end of a day of work, errands, or play to a home that smells of putrid trash and fermenting laundry, that is impossible to tidy up because of overfilled trash cans, laundry bins, and junk baskets can deflate that happy to be home vibe in seconds. Add the obstacle of dirty dishes before dinner is even started to that list, and coming home seems like too much to even cope with. Dusty shelves, dingy whites, and a dump of a den overwhelm most people into inactivity. Give yourself a break, you're not June Cleaver. On the other end of the spectrum, give yourself a pat on the back for not living in the level of filth the average frat boy survives. This may seem a counter-productive place to start, but as with all daunting tasks, baby steps are easier to manage and get geared up for. It also has one of the greatest rewards — the smell of clean. For starters, don't think of all of things you'll want to put away or organize before you start. This is not the time to figure out whether or not you really like the configuration of the pictures hanging in the hall or if you really still do need the desk in the extra room. Think of those types of projects as being separate from cleaning and tasks in their own right to be done intermittently. There aren't many who look forward to cleaning. Weekends are meant for fun or napping, but all too often we spend our downtime feeling guilty about that nagging sense of what we should be doing. What can be done? After reading this book, you'll be able to get through cleaning without having to think about housework using mental words such as “tackle,” “overhaul,” and “organize.” Cleaning will not be as daunting, and will just mesh into the rest of your day with ease. We will go over, chapter by chapter, seven steps to having a clean home in seven days and how to keep it that way
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