Becky Lee Weyrich

Forever, For Love

A woman’s mysterious past leads her from Texas to Europe in this “spellbinding, deliciously sensuous read” from the award-winning author (Rendezvous).
Orphaned as a child, Pandora Sherwood grows to be wild, fierce, and independent—the scandal of Galveston society. Her rebellious spirit, however, appeals to one man: Ward Gabriel, a self-made adventurer who vows to have her as his own.
But the visions that haunt Pandora’s dreams compel her to seek out the answers to the questions of her restless soul. She flees to Europe and gains fame through her art, but along her journey of self-discovery her heart remains in Galveston with Ward.
Yearning to return to the man she loves, Pandora must unveil the mystery of her dreams and the secret that tore her from her home—and from Ward’s embrace.
“One of the finest and most gifted writers. A master storyteller!” —Romantic Times
444 printed pages
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