Christine Robinson

Modren Scots Grammar

Dealing with grammar in a modern way, with modern terminology, this book gives readers an understanding of the way language works. Providing readers with the vocabulary to think about and discuss Scots, English and other Modern languages, Modren Scots Grammar fits with the Curriculum for Excellence in that it provides the grounding for readers to undertake further exploration and discover language for themselves. Furthermore, this book aims to give readers confidence in using the Scots language. It is important for young Scots today to realise that Scots is not just bad English, but a language in its own right. Increasing understanding of the differences between the two will improve the use of both. EXCERPT: Whit is grammar? It is whit we ken aboot the wey wirds are pit thegither. The wee dug bit the muckle man is no the same as The wee man bit the muckle dug. We ken that because o the order the wirds gaes in. The laddie lowps that dyke is different fae The laddies lowpit thae dykes. We ken fae the form o the wirds. That's grammar. REVIEW: This useful addition to the study of urban Scots dialects opens up the filed of linguistics to the general reader, combining the expertise of a linguist and a voice coach. Pronunciation in Aberdeen, Glasgow and Dundee are considered, offering insights into how Scots is spoken today. SCOTS MAGAZINE
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