Violet Haze

Mate: The Complete Serial

Simone Winston is twenty-two, a single mother, and in love with a faceless man who kept her for two months before setting her free.

After the mysterious, intriguing stranger Isaac Toft leaves her a generous tip, she’s drawn to him despite her reservations and soon he takes over her life all in the name of helping.

When Isaac’s secrets endanger the life of her as well as her child, will he lose the chance to make her forever his?
236 printed pages
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    Carina Rita Hansenhas quoted3 years ago
    I have made a decision.”
    “About what?” It’s an unconscious decision, when it comes out as a whisper, but I see Jim’s shadow out the window and for some reason am paranoid he can hear us.
    “Oh,” I whisper. “What about me?”
    He grabs my chin between his fingers and I feel his breath mingling with mine as he says near my mouth, “You have two choices: you can tell me to take you home and I will leave you alone forever, or you can say my name and I will feed you as I promised
    Carina Rita Hansenhas quoted3 years ago
    The warm feel of his now free hand sliding along my jaw before cupping my cheek makes me suck in a breath of surprise, chasing away the words while my whole focus shifts to his touch, and the insane way my body responds as if it knows him
    Carina Rita Hansenhas quoted3 years ago
    But as I put in his name and hit search, there’s not much more than nothing about Isaac Toft. It’s clear after opening a few different pages that he’s a notoriously mysterious and reserved man which accounts for the utter lack of information. The most well-known public facts are about how he was born in England to his English mother who was a nurse and his Danish father who was an eccentric and reclusive geneticist, and they moved to the US when Isaac was ten

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