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Summary : The Big Secret For The Small Investor – Joel Greenblatt

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The must-read summary of Joel Breenblatt's book: “The Big Secret for the Small Investor: A New Route to Long-Term Investment Success”.This complete summary of the ideas from Joel Breenblatt's book “The Big Secret for the Small Investor” shows that investing in the stock market will generate the biggest long-term returns. In his book, the author reveals the different approaches to investing and why you should choose “The Big Secret Investment Strategy”, which is extremely simple, yet is guaranteed to generate superior long-term returns. This summary is a must-read for any investor who wants to learn the secret to investment success.Added-value of this summary:• Save time• Understand key concepts• Expand your investment knowledgeTo learn more, read “The Big Secret for the Small Investor” and discover how you can guarantee long-term returns from every investment you make.
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    Jonathan Hermansenhas quoted4 years ago
    Investing in small stocks still has some major advantages over investing in larger-cap companies. These stocks, because of their smaller size, are subject to less research from both institutional and individual investors. Consequently, they are often more likely to be mispriced by the market than larger capitalization stocks
    Jonathan Hermansenhas quoted4 years ago
    But weighting companies based on how cheap they appear relative to sales, book value, an average of the last several years of earnings, or other factors would also be perfectly valid methods. For what we’ll call our value-weighted index, the cheaper a company appears, the more we’ll own of it. In this way, maybe we’ll be able to create an index that is systematically over weighted in companies where expectations are low and where there is a good possibility that an emotional Mr. Market has sold the shares down to bargain levels.”
    Jonathan Hermansenhas quoted4 years ago
    The more assets a mutual fund has, the more money its managers make. That means mutual fund managers have an inbuilt incentive to grow bigger rather than to maximize returns for their current investors

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