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Keto Diet Cookbook !!!

All new beginner keto diet cookbook featuring low carb and high fat recipes specially tailored to unique individual need.

Weight is one thing millions of people have to deal with on a daily bases and if not put under control, leads to loss of self-confidence. With the rate of uncontrolled weight gain, physical exercise offers a strenuous and unreliable means to lose weight.

Keto recipes offer a ray of hope for weight loss as this is not only stress free, but also very convenient and highly effective and has been proven so time and time again.

Suzy Susson, a recipe professional with over 15 years of experience is aware the keto diet is unique to individual need and works differently. This has been taken into account. The diet is well fashioned to keep you from getting frustrated and giving up.

The recipes contain ingredients easily found in the kitchen or nearby store which makes it simple and easy. This is in fact a keto for beginners cookbook

This is a delightful collection of Breakfasts, Desserts, Poultry recipes, etc. The recipes contain nutritional information as well as a 30 day keto diet plan for beginners to help kick start your keto journey. The recipes contained in this book is suitable for everyone, not excluding people with food allergies and vegetarians.

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Keto Cookbook !!!

Keto Cookbook !!!

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Keto Diet for Beginners !!!

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Instant Pot Recipes !!!

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Keto Diet Books for Beginners !!!

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David Johnson
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