Christian D.Larson

What Is Truth

To formulate a complete and final definition for truth is not possible, the reason being that the truth in itself, or in any of its expressions, cannot be circumscribed by the human mind. The truth is too large to be described by any definition, however basic or comprehensive it may be. The best we can do, therefore, is to define our highest conceptions of truth. And moreover, we shall find this to be sufficient.

The purpose of this work is rather to present a plan or outline by which any individual may guide his mind in the attainment of higher and higher conceptions of truth in all its phases, and thereby understand the truth for himself at every stage of advancement which he may reach in his own sphere of life, thought and action. And this is the only rational course to pursue, for each individual must understand the truth for himself if he is to know that truth that brings freedom; but in order that he may understand the truth for himself he must seek and find the truth for himself. The only truth that is of any value to us is that truth that we have gained through our own individual efforts to actually know truth and inwardly realize the presence and power of truth.

This is the annotated edition including an essay about the author and the New Thought Movement in Cincinnati, which he founded.
151 printed pages
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