Charles Pépin,Willard Wood


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{"strong"=>["An essential read for anyone who has encountered a crisis of confidence. "]}
Where does self-confidence come from? How does it work? Why are some people more confident than others? On the surface, these seem like simple questions — but answers can feel hard to come by when we need them most.
In this bestselling book, Charles Pépin brings to light the strange alchemy that is self-confidence. Pépin examines the role confidence plays in the lives of our most respected public figures including the likes of Madonna, Mozart, Frieda Kahlo, Martin Luther King and Serena Williams, and argues that above all, to live a life of confidence is to live a life of action.
Drawing on the collective wisdom of philosophers, psychologists and the lives of people we encounter on a daily basis, Pépin invites us to probe the mystery and mastery of self-confidence.
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    Ali Abidhas quotedlast year
    The self is multiple, paradoxical, changing: it’s when we are mindful of its complexity that we experience our freedom, and this realization can come with the feeling that a dam has burst.
    Ali Abidhas quoted2 years ago
    Self-confidence, we sense, is the result of alchemy.
    Ali Abidhas quotedlast year
    Self-confidence has to be a confidence in the whole of ourselves.

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