Burtay Mutlu

The Dark Physics of The Universe

This book uses the knowledge of physics to interpret the events and facts in the Universe from a completely different perspective as philosophically. In a way, this is a philosophy for physic with a different Universe model proposal.

It proposes some answers for the mechanism of motion in the perspective of Speed, momentum, relativistic mass, mass existence, inertia, time dilation, length contraction by using Waveform Time due to expansion of the Universe.

In this view, you can see the mechanism of time dilation and length contraction in the quantum level under constant speed and acceleration.

The book also suggests some explanations for The Time, The Dimension, the 4th and 5th dimensions, The Anti Matter, The Spin, The Bonds, The Chaotic Systems.

And the Book gives some answers in the same viewpoint for the impossibility of traveling in Time and reaching Light Speed for the Mass.
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