Daisy Rose

Billionaire's Experiment

When Belle finds herself on the doorstep of her new employer's mansion, she is utterly terrified, yet hopeful of what her new life will bring. If she knew that it would include surrendering to all the men in the mansion, she would've thought twice before stepping through the threshold.Eccentric billionaire Jason Stone has been working on something extraordinary behind closed doors. And he's just found the best candidate for his experiment.
This story contains a dozen dominating alpha males and one innocent submissive experimenting with lots of toys, humiliation, and pleasure.

PG Excerpt ~~~~~

I paused at a painting hung right outside my room and stared at it. It looked oddly familiar despite my limited knowledge about art. It was black and white drawing of an apartment complex that looked oddly like where I used to live. I reached out to touch it and to my horror, it dropped to the floor and the frame shattered.
I dropped to my knees, hurriedly gathering the evidence.This was no way to start my first day.Get it together or you really wouldn't last a week!The last thing I needed was for the head of the house to see me like this.A black, Italian leather shoe came down an inch from my head, stepping right on top of the painting I had just ruined. I froze, still reaching for the paper now trapped under the large foot in front of me. It was attached to a leg clad in an impeccably cut suit and as I ran my eyes upward, I tried not to tremble.“Belle, I heard you've signed the papers?”I tried to push the strands of hair that had fallen over my eyes away from my face, but it was no good.“Yes, sir,” I murmured, gazing up into his eyes. Master Jason looked as gorgeous as ever.He reached down and offered his hand. My throat has suddenly gone bone dry. Something about the way he was looking at me sent shivers down my spine, like he was sizing me up. I must've looked like a deer caught in headlights, because his expression softened and he asked if I was alright.“I'm fine,” I nodded guiltily and let him pull me to my feet. My hand felt tiny in his warm gasp. I felt a jolt of electricity at the touch and wondered if it was the memory of his fingers inside me, alighting a stranger fire in my core that made my inner thighs clench or the pills taking effect. Either way, I had to resist the urge to throw myself at him.“I see you've already ruined something precious of mine,” he said.I gasped and quickly drew my hand back. “I'm so sorry, Sir! I only just touched it and it fell.”He looked at me. His eyes were intense, but the emotion behind them was unreadable. Was he angry at me? Was the painting worth a lot of money? It had only been my first day and I was already making mistakes left and right.“Perhaps you should be punished.”His tone sent a shiver down my spine. I blinked at him in confusion and nodded in agreement. Punishment sounded better than getting fired. “As you wish, Sir.”For a long moment, he just looked at me, appraising me. Perhaps he thought I would look away.I didn't.
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