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Herbs for Healthy Skin

Learn how to use herbs to care for your skin, hands, and feet. Herbs for Healthy Skin" provides a wealth of information on skin and skin care. Many people turn to herbs because skin problems can become persistent and little relief is found with pharmaceutical drugs. Herbs are often less expensive and safer to use than over-the-counter sprays and ointments. You can learn how to simply treat many skin conditions yourself, at home, using herbs that you can grow or buy.

With information on treating diaper rash, anthrax, acne, athlete's foot, aging skin, cold sores, and wounds naturally, Dr. Jones also provides suggestions for controlling infections and keeping them from spreading through your household. Also learn how to care for feet and prevent odor, corns, and aching feet.

Nine herbs are chosen for detailed monographs including chamomile, lavender and thyme. Simple instructions for growing your own herbs and making your own ointments are included. Learn how skin changes from birth through aging. There are also over a dozen easy to make recipes for skin care products and instructions for personalizing them to meet your needs. This is a lot of information in a short, easy to read book. If you have skin, this book can help you!"
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  • Menna Abu Zahrahas quoted4 years ago

    To make an herb tea, put one to two teaspoons of dried or fresh herb in a tea bag, tea ball or strainer. Pour very hot water — just less than boiling — over the herbs and steep for about five minutes. Washing with herb tea a very good way to treat skin infections or to treat broken skin to prevent infection from occurring.
  • Menna Abu Zahrahas quoted4 years ago
    First make a decoction or an infusion as directed above. Soak a washcloth in this solution and apply the washcloth to the affected
  • Menna Abu Zahrahas quoted4 years ago

    A compress is a way of applying an herb directly to the skin.

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