Stephen Fleming

Intermittent Fasting: 7 Effective Techniques With Scientific Approach To Stay Healthy,Lose Weight,Slow Down Aging Process & Live Longer

The practical & scientific approach of following the" INTERMITTENT FASTING" methodology in your day to day life to achieve lean and fit body which is stepping stone for any success & happiness in life.!!
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This book will teach you about 7 practical ways of Intermittent Fasting that could be followed in day to day life to achieve your weight loss & eventually fitness goals. You can choose any one or combination of 7 proposed techniques for your customized requirement. “The idea is to give offer you doable techniques based on my experience & results, which would contribute to your fitness goals and ultimately make you happy! 
The Background Story:
Did you know that human beings have been fasting since evolution? Basically, human beings mainly fasted due to lack of food and for a number of reasons. For instance, both the ancient man and the hunter-gatherers didn’t have food stores or refrigerators to make food available all-year round. In some instances, these people never found anything to eat and their body nevertheless “evolved” to function without food for long periods!
On the other hand, there are religions among them Christians, Islam, and Buddhists who embrace fasting as part of the doctrine. This clearly shows that fasting is not something new. However, how can you exactly fast to lose weight? This is what this book will be about.
Inside the Book you will find: 
# Intermittent Fasting Explained: what is it, historical facts.
# The Scientific Logic behind it: How it affects the metabolism
# Benefits: proven results of intermittent fasting
# 7 Techniques: which technique has what outcome
# Tips to succeed with Intermittent Fasting: The mental aspect
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