Pranathi Kondapaneni

Prescription Comedy

The secret to healing from physician burnout, re-connecting with loved ones and rediscovering daily joy resides in an unlikely place: the comedy club.

In Prescription Comedy, author Dr. Pranathi Kondapaneni shares her personal journey with on-the-job burnout and how an almost accidental foray into the world of comedy proved key to her cure.

What you'll discover:
Why so many physicians succumb to burnout and suffer a loss of faith as they toil under the weight of a medical system that doesn't value connection Where the true value of comedy truly lies: in cultivating a connection with the audience that extends far beyond making them laughHow Dr. Kondapaneni's personal quest to improve the physician-patient communication bond led her to discover and explore comedy Simple lessons that can help you defeat physician burnout

“In sharing my journey, I aim to help fellow physicians who feel downtrodden, disenfranchised, and disenchanted by the weight of this medical system,” says Dr. Kondapaneni. “Unless one has walked in the shoes of a shattered physician, it's hard to understand the swamp which can swallow a physician whole.”

This book was written for physicians, who are often seen as lucky to have a stable, well-paying career. They ultimately carry the burden of treating our most precious resource: health. Couple this responsibility with a broken healthcare system, and physicians face a hefty load indeed.

The human race has one really effective weapon, and that is laughter.
-Mark Twain

76 printed pages
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