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P. G. Wodehouse

Much obliged, Jeeves

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    Full many a glorious morning have I seen flatter the mountain tops with sovereign eye, kissing with golden
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    'A most satisfactory state of affairs, sir.'
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    Seppings,' I said, 'I want Jeeves. Where is he?'
    'In the Servants' Hall, sir, comforting the parlourmaid.'
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    Had bad news, has she?'
    'No, sir, she was struck by a turnip.'
    'In the lower ribs, sir.'
    'I mean where did this happen?'
    'At the Town Hall, sir, in the later stages of the debate.'
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    to know how you have been solved. I gather that Florence has remitted your sentence –'
    'She has, in words of unmistakable clarity. Get out of that car.'
    'But why?'
    'Because if you aren't out of it in two seconds, I'm going to pull you out.'
    'I mean why did she r. your s.?'
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    don't wonder you're annoyed. But I'm more to be pitied than censured. I inadvertently trod on the cat.'
    A look of alarm spread over his face. It had a long way to go, but it spread all right.
    'Hat?' he quavered, and I could see that he feared for the well– being of his Panama with the pink ribbon.
    I lost no time in reassuring him.
    'Not hat. Cat.'
    'What cat?'
    'Oh, haven't you met? Augustus his name is, though for purposes of conversation this is usually shortened to Gus. He and I have been buddies since he was a kitten. He must have been following me when I came in here.'
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    Yes? You hesitate, Jeeves, Mr Runkle is what?'
    'The expression I am trying to find eludes me, sir. It is one I have sometimes heard you use to indicate a deficiency of sweetness and light in some gentleman of your acquaintance. You have employed it of Mr Spode or, as I should say, Lord Sidcup and, in the days before your association with him took on its present cordiality, of Mr Glossop's uncle, Sir Roderick. It is on the tip of my tongue.'
    'A stinker?'
    No, he said, it wasn't a stinker.
    'A tough baby?'
    'A twenty-minute egg?'
    'That was it, sir. Mr Runkle is a twenty-minute egg.'
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    Let us hope that its current will not turn awry and lose the name of action.'
    'Yes, let's. Turn what?'
    'Awry, sir.'
    'Don't you mean agley?'
    'No, sir.'
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    What a cough drop!' he said mirthfully. The word was strange to me, but weighing it and deciding that it was intended to be a compliment and a tribute to his many gifts, I agreed that Jeeves was in the deepest and truest sense a cough drop.
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    You don't know what these blighters here are like. Most of them are chapel folk with a moral code that would have struck Torquemada as too rigid.'
    'The Spanish Inquisition man.'
    'Oh, that Torquemada.'
    'How many Torquemadas did you think there were?'
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