Tom Stoppard


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    Дмитрий Кувшиновhas quoted3 years ago
    Whatsisay Dada?? You remember Dada! – historical halfway house between Futurism and Surrealism, twixt Marinetti and André Breton, ‘tween the before-the-war-to-end-all-wars years and the between-the-wars years – Dada! – down with reason, logic, causality, coherence, tradition, proportion, sense and consequence, my art belongs to Dada ‘cos Dada ‘e treats me so – well then, Memories of Dada by a Consular Friend of the Famous in Old Zurich: A Sketch.
    Дмитрий Кувшиновhas quoted3 years ago
    short, a complex personality, an enigma, a contradictory spokesman for the truth, an obsessive litigant and yet an essentially private man who wished his total indifference to public notice to be universally recognized – in short a liar and a hypocrite, a tight-fisted, sponging, fornicating drunk not worth the paper, that’s that bit done.
    M. N.has quoted5 years ago
    I believe it is done to drink a glass of hock and seltzer before luncheon, and
    M. N.has quoted5 years ago
    An impromptu poet of Hibernia
    rhymed himself into a hernia.
    He became quite adept
    at the practice except
    for occasional anti-climaxes.
    M. N.has quoted5 years ago
    and riff-raff of all kinds
    M. N.has quoted5 years ago
    dishonest impression of perfidy
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