Alan Dean Foster

Alien: The Official Movie Novelization

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The crew of the spaceship Nostromo is awakened from cryogenic sleep to investigate a mysterious alien transmission. On a nearby planet they discover a derelict craft, and a chamber filled with eggs… thousands of them, stretching as far as the eye can see. When they return, they bring with them a creature that will teach them the true meaning of fear. For as long as they survive. This groundbreaking adaptation by science fiction master Alan Dean Foster captures the action and sheer terror of the film, transferring it to the printed page and setting a standard that still exists today.
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250 printed pages
Original publication
Titan Books


    Rita Jartenguar Sørensenshared an impression2 years ago

    10/10 Genial bog.


    babsbrooks04has quoted5 years ago
    remain intact in dreaming as well as when awake.
    So he had the regulatory capability, and a modicum of imagination. But a professional dreamer requires a deal more than a modicum of the last, and that’s a deficiency that can’t be compensated for by a disproportionate quantity of the first. Dallas was no more realistic prodreamer material than Ripley.
    Kane was less controlled in thought and action than was Dallas, and possessed far less imagination. He was a good executive officer. Never would he be a captain. That requires a certain drive coupled with the ability to command o

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