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Harry Kemelman

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    There was a Scofield Alley that led down to the public wharf, and a bit of grass with a couple of benches that was listed in the town records as Scofield Park.
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    certainly not to the daily minyan. And he did not have an office in the synagogue where Rabbi Small might have dropped in on him, if only as a matter of courtesy. Several times the rabbi had thought of calling Magnuson in the evening, suggesting that he would like to come over to talk with him but, as he explained to Miriam, “It’s up to him to call me. If I call him, he’s apt to think I’m being
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    from one of the slots in the rolltop desk, and examined the sheet of paper Tony D’Angelo offered him. Across the top it said in caps, THE COMMITTEE OF CONCERNED CITIZENS. Just below was stapled the snapshot taken at the banquet and under each figure was the name and a brief caption noting the charge—Grand Larceny, Assault with Intent to Kill, or Conspiracy to
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    “I just finished talking to the Revere police chief before you came. The victim was a small-time pol from Revere. According to the chief, he was the one who put out that leaflet which showed Baggio, the candidate for state senator, at some dinner with a bunch of gangsters.
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    “I could not participate in the wedding ceremony.”

    “I suspect that not all rabbis feel as you do,” said Magnuson.

    “No Orthodox or Conservative rabbi would perform the ceremony. I’ve heard that some Reform rabbis do, but none that I know of around here.”

    “I’m sure that I can find one who will,” said Magnuson grimly, “even if I have to bring him here from some distance.
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