Woody Allen

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    I loved Hemingway and Camus because they were simple and caused me to feel
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    Zelig was about how we all want to be accepted, to fit in, to not offend, that we often present a different person to different people knowing which person might best please. With someone who loves Moby Dick, for example, the protagonist will go along and find things to praise about it. With one who dislikes the book, the Zelig character will get with the program and dislike it. In the end this obsession for conformity leads to fascism.
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    As for the dynamite blondes, the idea of Veronica Lake heating up over some paunchy shamus who couldn’t score with a nymphomaniac on a desert island using Spanish Fly made me laugh.
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    Since Mia and I had not been the lovers the public imagined, I had been very ripe for a more meaningful relationship. It could have been some actress, a secretary, a dental hygienist who liked Swedish movies.
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    I have to say Naomi is not only a terrific movie star and very beautiful, but she has the sexiest two upper front teeth in show business.
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