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Elizabeth Thornton

    karin anderssonhas quoted2 years ago
    dog a bad name. In these parts, the Gordons of Daroch are held to be respo
    karin anderssonhas quoted2 years ago
    At this, David had unobtrusively slipped from the room.

    There was no way to soften the truth. “Yes,” said John, “she is. Bu
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    Women, he had decided, wanted things both ways. When it suited them, they insisted on ordering their own lives. When their troubles became too much for them, they expected some strong male to step in and assume them.
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    And the pity of it was that, had she done so, her anxieties these many weeks past would have been easier to bear.
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    sunshine. It had been done over in her mother’s favorite color, from pale primrose yellow
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    Quick, Germaine! Fetch a glass of wine.”
    A strong arm supported Zoë. She lifted her lashes
    karin anderssonhas quoted2 years ago
    A man of honor was expected to marry the lady whose virtue he had compromised, or face social ostracism.
    karin anderssonhas quoted2 years ago
    How different, how generous did his actions with respect to herself now appear.
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    “Listen to me, Miss Briony Langland. The man you give yourself to will be me or you will give yourself to no man.” His tone gentled. “Don’t you understand anything at all, you foolish girl?” He bent his head to her face, his gaze lingering on every feature, and Briony felt his breath warm against her temple
    Sofiahas quotedlast year
    “Deny it on peril of your immortal soul, Lady Ravensworth,” he dared her, “that you cherish a tendre for me in your breast.”

    It was so unfair in him to use one of her few virtues to gain mastery over her. How could she answer him? “Don’t count on it, Ravensworth,” she whispered as his lips moved over her face. “A very small flame is easily extinguished.”

    His hands moved to her back, molding her to his length. “But I shall take such pains to fan it,” he responded, capturing her pouting lips with his own
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