Lene Dybdahl

Keepers of the Key #2: The Visigoth’s Helmet

Legend tells that he who wears the the Helmet of the Visigoth is protected in battle – but only few know of its curse…
Laura wakes up in an unknown, old woman’s place. She is desperate. How has she ended up here? And David was hurt in the bullfight – where is he now?
Laura must find the Helmet of the Visigoth if she is to free her parents from the sultan. But her search for the Helmet, leads to a meeting with the beautiful prince Ahmed, the sultans own son…

The Helmet of the Visigoth is volume two in the Keepers of the Key series. The twins, David and Laura, goes on a journey, where riddles, prophesies, and magical objects open doors to other worlds … places they never imagined were real.
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