Dale Mayer


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Book 20: The K9 Files
An overseas trip is a great idea, rescuing an American War Dog shipped overseas. When Badger tags Kascius for this job, he wants to visit his brother in Scotland at all costs—almost. Yet, at the same time, Kascius never wants to see the woman who he used to love. Arriving home for the first time in five years is a challenge, but nothing has changed. Liam, his middle brother, is warm, caring and still in love with the farm, and his younger brother, Angus, appears to still be a lightweight.
Kascius can say nothing good about his relationship with his mother. But Ainsley? Now she’s a different story. She’s still the same beautiful woman he left behind.
Ainsley hopes seeing Kascius again can help heal the rift that still stops her from moving forward in life. She’d been in a bad place back then and still regrets the way they split. However, finding forgiveness, although it might be possible, doesn’t look likely.
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