Paul Thorne

The Sheridan Road Mystery

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The Sheridan Road Mystery (1921) is a novel by Paul and Mabel Thorne. Excerpt from the book: "Policeman Murphy stopped for a moment, as was his custom, at the corner of Lawrence Avenue and Sheridan Road. He knew that it was about two o'clock in the morning as that was the hour at which he usually reached this point. He glanced sharply up and down Sheridan Road, which at that moment seemed to be completely deserted save for the distant red tail-light of a belated taxi, the whir of whose engine came to him quite distinctly on the quiet night air. JUST THEN POLICEMAN MURPHY HEARD A SHOT!" The shot turns out to be a rather mysterious one, since no victim was found on the spot. The investigation is led by the experienced Detective Sergeant Dave Morgan, with the unusual involvement of Mr. Marsh, who reported that "I think somebody has been murdered in our building."


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