J.F. Dodaro

Stop Checking the Price!

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Do you check your account every day and feel like you're always losing money? Worried the next recession will crash your portfolio? Pulling out your hair while the daily news fills you with fear?
This book provides a simple trading strategy to Preserve And Grow Your Wealth by filtering the noise to get more valuable information in less time, reducing your stock research and trading effort by over 99%, and betting on long-term value creation to achieve financial success!
We are told the money managers on Wall Street who spend all day checking every stock price movement, every CEO tweet, and every company filing footnote have an edge in the stock market... But the pixelated truth is that information has mathematical limits: zooming into a single blurry pixel of an image tells you nothing about the big picture – the stock market is no different. And even if we did know every detail of the business, the laws of nature tell us we can't predict the future stock price in a complex marketplace anyway!
In "Stop Checking The Price" you will LEARN HOW TO:
Follow the 1st Law of Investing for maximum long-term compounding… And why the "risk-return trade-off" is backwards. Use "80-20 Rule" to cut your research time and stock trading effort down by 99%. Filter bad apples (stocks) before they spoil the whole barrel (portfolio). Steal a page from the venture capitalist's playbook for explosive growth… And how to beat Warren Buffett! Set a timer and evaluate any stock in 60 seconds from a data snapshot. Don't get lost in the blurry pixels – ZOOM OUT!
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