Dmitri Iarandine

Get Hired as Scrum Master: Guide For Agile Job Seekers And People Hiring Them

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Transitioning into Agile Project Management and Digital Delivery professional space became a prominent trend across industries over the past 5 years. Competitive job market is becoming saturated with candidates who do not fully understand how modern recruitment for Agile roles works - at least in Australia.

They present their professional Resumes filled with mixed messages, absurd qualifications, using language that only sends their job application straight into the bin, missing out on opportunities that otherwise should be within their reach.

Lack of this specific knowledge is reducing your chances of getting hired as a Scrum Master, or for any other job within Agile Delivery space.

Written primarily for aspiring professionals who want to enter the world of Agile Project Management and Digital Delivery, but lack the right knowledge or specific insights yet, this book is an attempt to share my personal findings and summarize research made as part of becoming a Professional Scrum Master.

This includes plenty of my subjective yet educated opinions on a number of topics surrounding general theme of presenting yourself as the most appealing Agile job candidate, providing advice on how to capitalize on your current professional background, understanding your skill gaps and available options, pivoting towards a Scrum Master role within Agile Digital Delivery as efficiently as possible.


* What requirements apply to Scrum Master role candidates these days;

* How to deal with Recruiters and get your application through their initial filter;

* How different companies see Scrum Master roles and responsibilities;

* What are Agile Hybrid roles, and why should it concern Scrum Masters;

* How to do your research and other preparation properly;

* How to write a good to-the-point Cover Letter, and do you need one at all?

* How to reformat your Resume and present it the best possible way;

* What interview questions a new Scrum Master can expect, and the best ways to respond.


* Introduction

* Chapter 1 - Agile Delivery vs. Project Management

* Chapter 2 - Understanding Scrum Master Role

* Chapter 3 - Scrum Master Role Hybrids

* Chapter 4 - Having the Right Work Experience

* Chapter 5 - Value of a Scrum Master Certification

* Chapter 6 - Basics of Job Transitioning

* Chapter 7 - Importance of a Good Professional Resume

* Chapter 8 - Attributes of a Good Agile Resume

* Chapter 9 - Sample Scrum Master Resume (Template)

* Chapter 10 - Writing a Cover Letter

* Chapter 11 - Company Research

* Chapter 12 - Preparing for the Interview

* Chapter 13 - Agile Collaboration Tools

* Chapter 14 - In Conclusion (Further Reading, Feedback, Copyright Notice)
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