Kathryn ColleenRMT

Validation, Sabotage And Freedom

Debt can breed unworthiness. Gambling can breed powerlessness. Wealth can breed freedom, guilt, arrogance and far reaching philanthropy. Money in relationships can lead to deeper connection and deeper fulfillment, or to manipulation, violence and even murder. The dichotomy is even more pronounced at the global level where we both deify and demonize the rich and poor alike.
It is a complicated subject that weaves its way into our very identities, into our relationships, and our societies. Whether the nature and effect of money is good or bad is entirely dependent on your personal relationship with it. Over the course of this book, we will be exploring more about the nature and effect of money from all of these perspectives. Throughout these discussions, I will call out important questions for you to answer. I want to help you explore and understand your relationship with money, and evolve that relationship to a place where your money works for you in a positive way, offering freedom, fulfillment, growth, deeper relationships, and greater good.
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Validation, Sabotage And Freedom
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