Judy Angelo,H. Warren Browne,J.A. Powell

Life Hacks

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How to be Happy - Book One is a series of happiness hacks relating to daily personal life.
These are tips and tricks proven to make a difference in people's lives. I'm living proof of that. Despite being disabled with an incurable illness, I am, right now, the happiest I've ever been. How do I explain it? Drop in and I'll share my secrets. After we chat, they won't be so secret anymore : ) No problem. I want you to check them out, I want you to share them, I want you to leave with new light in your life and new pep in your step. I want you to leave here smiling.
You could be 8, 28, 88 or any of the numbers in between. No matter your age, there's a happiness hack here for you. And when you've found happiness in your personal life, there's book 2 for work and school and book 3 for your happiness in the future. I'm looking forward to seeing you smile.
Much love to you!
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