Alan Beckley

6 Small Steps to Big Change: How to Upgrade Your Life One Tiny Action at a Time

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Less Stress More Success – with 6 Small Steps

What if you could finally make key life decisions with poise and confidence – unburdened by worry and self-doubt? Do you find yourself stuck in mediocrity even after years of telling yourself, this year is going to be different? Why does that always happen?

Here is why.

Your feelings about success and failure accumulate over time to form a mental comfort zone that exactly defines what you can and cannot do. Unfortunately, that comfort zone, designed to keep you safe from harm, also cancels out big changes – that is why you are continually stuck – unable to change.

The way to solve this problem is to make very small changes that sneak past the comfort zone.

In this book, Mr. Beckley unveils the secret: 6 small strategic steps, that when combined together, produce a dramatic transformation far greater than the sum of its parts.

You will learn:

* How to tame your ‘monkey mind’ – and gain clarity in decision-making

* The secret to activating your RAS – to convert hopes and intentions into reality

* The trick entrepreneurs use to conquer worry and act decisively

* The secret way to postpone problems – to gain focus and better solve them

* How thinking like an intrapreneur makes you and your boss happier

* How to plan your own exit from work – with a career satisfaction grid

* How to make your fitness measurable and achievable – no matter how busy you are

If you want less stress and more success, buy this book now!
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