The Seeker Technology Collection

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Learn all about the future of technology and science from self-driving cars to teleportation in The Seeker Technology Collection!

Breakthroughs: Science and Tech Advances Powering Our Future
Did you know that there is a molecule that may be a key to increasing human lifespans? Learn about this interesting research and more scientific advances powering the future of technology, interstellar exploration and the human body.
You'll learn about:
• The future of self-driving cars
• How close we are to terraforming Mars for human life
• How scientists across the world are creating a map of the human brain
And more!

Flying, Electric and Self-Driving: The Future of Cars
Flying cars—the best or worst idea ever? In the ever changing world of technology and transportation, flying and autonomous cars might not be just a part of futuristic sci-fi movies anymore…they may become available in your lifetime. Listen in as Seeker discusses the future of transportation, the evolution of fuel alternatives, and how close humans are to a self-driving world in this best of collection, available for the first time in audio.

The Fact and Fiction of Sci-Fi
In a galaxy NOT so far, far away, Seeker is teaching you about the facts and fiction of science fiction! From light sabers to X-ray vision, elements of everyone’s favorite sci-fi fandoms might not be just works of fiction in the near future. Dive into the world of all things superhero technology, teleportation and more in this best of collection from Seeker, available for the first time in audio.
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