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Introduction to Growth Hacking

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Growth hacking has taken the business world by storm. It has been there for quite some time offline, but now it has gone viral. In the past, it was McDonald’s using it to pop up at every highway back in the 1950s. Now it has spread its arm and has become a widely applied corporate concept. It is especially famous in the world of start-ups because it provides them a cost-friendly way to expand while remaining within their budgets. As start-ups can’t rely on Super Bowl ads or Mega-expensive billboards, they depend on growth hacking to back them up in cheaper ways. Any infant business can apply growth hacking and if they do it in the right way they can prosper beyond their expectations. From Dropbox to Uber, they all used growth hacking to reach their goals and achieve exponential growth rates. The only thing they had in common was product scalability. So if a product has scalability growth hacking can become a powerful tool to spread it like fire through word of mouth on a big scale.
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