Daniel Smith

Banned Charisma Secrets Unleashed

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What is the difference between an inspirational leader and one who fails to inspire?

What makes some people able to attract the partner of their dreams while others are stuck in a loveless relationship?

What drives people to commit violent acts on behalf of cult leaders?

Simple - Charisma.

Charisma is one of the most widely used, but misunderstood, concepts in existence today. It is likely you have come across the terms ‘charisma’, ‘charismatic’ and ‘charismatic leadership’ over and over again. But do you really know what they mean? Do you know how to make charisma work for you?

In his book entitled Banned Charisma Secrets Unleashed author Daniel Smith offers a full insight into the world of charisma and the immense power it holds. Never before has such a comprehensive and useful guide been produced on the subject.

In the book, charisma is broken down into a simple ‘Charismatic Equation’ that can be understood and, more importantly, applied by anyone. This makes charisma understandable in a way which has never before been seen. Each element of the Charismatic Equation is clearly explained in a logical and straightforward way. Nothing is left unexplored and no specialist knowledge is required from the reader. Charisma is not only explained but applied to different situations. Also astutely explained is how to avoid killing your own charisma.

This is a must read for anyone who has the desire to learn how to use charisma to get ahead in the worlds of business, relationships, and any area requiring influence.
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