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A Good Man

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She never thought she would need saving
Sheltered and naïve, Delana Alabrim is shocked when her father tells her he's arranged to marry her to a wealthy businessman who can bail out her father's struggling company.
After meeting the odious man, she sees running away as her only way out. As a spoiled heiress, she's ill-equipped for life on the streets and soon finds herself in big trouble.
Homeless and mugged of her only means of survival, rescue comes in the form of Adam Burrell, who sweeps her off the street and offers her a job as his maid. She takes a job for the first time in her live, discovering her own inner strength. But can she really stand up to her father and the man he wants her to marry when they find her with Adam?
Delana has never had to fight to get, and keep, what she wants—a lifetime of happiness with Adam, who might never forgive her deception when he learns the truth.
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