Martin K. Ettington

Humanity and the Universe

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The Universe is a very big place and has many mysteries. Most people don’t realize just how mysterious it is. Scientists are stumped by many of the conundrums which Astronomy reveals.
In this book I want to give readers a sense of the grandeur, mystery, and puzzles which the Universe poses to scientists. When you realize how incredible our Universe really is you may be surprised.
We used to think the Sun was the center of the Universe. Now we know our solar system is just one of billions.
Most of the matter in the Universe is also missing.
And there must be alien life somewhere—you will see the logic and discoveries about this in later chapters.
I also have interspersed some chapters which cover my beliefs in the overall consciousness of the Universe which should provide some interesting perspectives.
There are some amazing facts about our Universe which will also give you some food for thought.
Overall, I hope this book amazes you about what we know about the Universe today and the incredible mysteries which we are just beginning to explore.

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