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Moral Stories Vol 1

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This is the first audiobook in a series of three. The stories contained in the book are mostly derived from South Africa and Western Europe and have been taken from the rich cultures of Uilspieel (from the Netherlands) and the folklore of the Zulu tribe in South Africa. The audiobook contains the following three titles:
Bees and HoneyHow Hyena lost his tailWolf and Jackal on the runMoral stories are not just for entertainment, they teach ethics and valuable life lessons to kids. Listening to a few minutes of audio stories helps develop creativity and imagination in kids. It is preferable to TV or video games.
This resource is suitable for the entire family, including kids of all ages, including teens. Feedback indicates that even adults enjoy listening to the classic stories as a source of entertainment.
We’re sure you’ll enjoy this volume. Please listen to this brief sample of one of the stories to help you decide whether the audiobook is for you. All of our titles are available in major online book stores and libraries. Don’t wait any longer. Get the full audiobook now!
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