Autumn Karen, Jeremiah James

AMY: Book 1

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This story is Fifty Shades of Grey meets Bridget Jones’s Diary, with a healthy dose of twenty-first century motherhood realness.

It follows the life and adventures of Amy Bowles, a relatably klutzy wife and working mother of three who gets an unexpected education in the swinging lifestyle, sparked by a modern series of events and fostered by a connection with an old friend from college.

After one more long day taking care of the kids an one more short night of unfulfilling sex with her devoted husband Will, Amy indulges in a little too much wine and plops down in front the TV, searching for something to stream that will take the edge off of her frustrated desire. She lands on a swinging documentary, and in her tipsy haze finds inspiration. Thrusting past her usually rule following nature, Amy snaps some tawdry selfies and blasts her way onto a swinging hookup app on her phone. When she wakes up the next morning, Will has left early to go fishing and she’s home alone with the kids. It’s not until she’s tended to her toddler and checked on the older two that her phone buzzes with notifications and Amy remembers her late night foray into online swinging.

Amy now has a dilemma on her hands. Does she possibly meet with the beautiful and kind couple reaching out to her? Does she take the leap into a world she is tantalized by but knows little to nothing about, risking her ho hum but content life? She wants to explore it with her husband, could she possibly use swinging as a means to bring the passion back to their sex life? If she does, could she possibly face her fears and insecurities? You’ll have a read her story to find out.

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