Kevin Corcoran

Mind, Brain, Behavior: An Audio Course on Consciousness

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Named one of America's top 300 professors by Princeton Review, Kevin Corcoran is an expert on consciousness and the philosophy of the mind. Translating complex topics into 12 accessible audio lectures, he’ll help you unlock the secrets of the human brain.
Our world teems with the unexpected: marsupial wolves, carnivorous plants, flocks of starlings, and many more surprising phenomena. In this audio course, you’ll explore the most fascinating of these natural wonders: consciousness.
Have you ever watched a fiery sunset or heard a Mozart concerto? Human beings could soak up such sights and sounds in the same predictable ways computers or car engines do. But our minds go beyond processing information. We have conscious experiences filled with vibrant colors, thorny textures, pungent smells, and tangy flavors.
Under Prof. Corcoran’s tutelage, you’ll take a journey filled with vivid examples, philosophical reflections, and astonishing insights from scientific research that will help you understand the unique phenomenon of consciousness. Along the way, you’ll answer big questions about the self, the human mind, and the world.
Each lecture will amaze and inform you. From competing theories of consciousness to the meaning of life itself, you’ll tackle compelling topics about existence. If you’re looking for an illuminating guide to the universe’s most important questions, you’ll love this course.
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