Elizabeth Sunflower

A Noble Destiny

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In 1937, Austria struggled to recover from the Treaty of Saint Germain of 1919. The breakup of the Hapsburg empire after WWI stripped Austria of its territories of Czechoslovakia, Poland, Hungary, Serbia, Croatia, and Yugoslavia, as well as many partial provinces. The military was restricted to a 30,000-man force. The financial system was left in ruins. Austria left militarily weak and financially vulnerable, became increasingly defenceless in the following years.
Although concerned over Mussolini and Hitler, France, England, and the United States turned deaf ears to Austria's chancellor. German subterfuge strengthens the divide between the Austrian Chancellor and the Allies. Mussolini urges Austria to play along with the regime to preserve the country. The Fuhrer, determined to bring his beloved homeland under German control, authorized the assassination of Austrian Chancellor Dollfuss in retaliation for hanging a party member. The subversion of Austria becomes a long game.
A small group loyal to Austrian Chancellor Schuschnigg, attempt to help behind the scenes. They work desperately to maintain a network of reliable information, even as hope dwindles, and attempt to root out Nazi supporters within Schuschnigg's circle. Their mission is to protect those who will fall immediately upon Nazi occupation and create a means of escape before it is too late.
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