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17 Simple Golf Tips Guaranteed to Improve Your Golf Game

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Every great golfer knows there is always a little room for improvement in their game. These 17 simple tips are guaranteed to improve your game . . . and your swing!

Here's what you will learn:

1)     Tips to improve your back swing
2)     How to hit a draw
3)     How to hit a fade
4)     What is the cause for hitting the ball off the toe of the club and what is a good drill to correct this
5)     How to better align yourself toward the target
6)     How do you stop lifting your head when driving the ball
7)     How to Chip With a Hybrid
8)     How do you fix the problem of your hands and arms moving faster on the downswing than your lower body
9)     What simple drill can I do to cure my slice
10)  How do I correct my Outside-In swing path
11)  How much should I lean the shaft into a shot
12)  How to correct the arms from swinging too far away from the body
13)  What drill improves hitting the ball square at impact
14)  How to perfect the Flop Shot
15)  Does having a club fitted improve your play
16)  Why does a draw go farther than a slice
17)  How to play out of a bunker


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17 Simple Golf Tips Guaranteed to Improve Your Golf Game
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