Anthony Harris

Aws Amazon Web Services:

Amazon has become one of the world's most valuable assets that not only generate revenues from selling goods but has cloud computing and web hosting facilities as its potential profit drivers.
The company's revenue figures have hit the billion mark, emerging itself as one of the successful companies that have put its competitors behind.

You may have questions like:
·        What is AWS all about?
·        Where AWS can be used?
·        How to use it?
In this book you will discover:
·        Network and Content Delivery
·        Developer tools such as AWS Code Commit and AWS X-Ray
·        Management tools such as Cloud Formation and AWS control tower
·        Using managed Blockchain for Amazon Quantum Ledger Databases (QLDB)
·        Security, Identity and compliance
·        Desktop and App streaming
·        Which one is better? Artificial intelligence or Machine Learning?
·        How AWS can store large workloads/data in databases.
And much more!

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