Lili Valente

Hot Knight for Hire

Even in dating, the best defense is a killer offense. And with exes that are flat-out bad dudes, you can’t go wrong with the biggest, baddest Big O consultant at your side.
Name’s Aidan Knight. I’m the guy you don’t bring home to mama—the rough, gruff, tatted-up bruiser our clients hire to scare off dangerous exes. Though I’m always intense, when the terrorized client is a great girl I never should’ve let become the one who got away, my new default cranks up to savagely protective.
Letting her out of my sight is just not happening. And soon, the time we end up spending together starts including some really big, epic O’s. The kind that require cardio workouts and protein bars for stamina. As if I need more reasons to fall harder for this woman.
For the record, back in college, I thought I was doing the noble thing by leaving her untouched. Now, I see things a little differently. Will I be saving her from her psycho mob boss ex? Of course. Will I be the gentlemanly knight who sets her free and leaves the rest to fate again?
Hell no.
Note: Hot Knight For Hire is a super sexy romantic comedy entirely from the hero’s point of view. Lots of filthy sweet talking. Insanely acrobatic smexy times. Two wild and crazy characters. And a romping fun HEA. Enjoy!
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Previously titled Spectacular Rascal. Same hot, hilarious story, just with a fresh title and cover makeover.
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