Danielle Botz

Hope Springs Maternal

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Libby Matthews can’t honestly remember the last time she had a quiet minute...or clean hair. And if you ask her right now, she’ll tell you that all she wants in the world is a hot bath. To be honest, she would settle for a shower. Or maybe a minute to wash her hair and face in peace. A quick splash in the sink would be a start.
But lately, life and the demands of motherhood keep getting in the way, and each night ends with her slumped next to a crib, or crammed into a toddler bed, still in the milk-stained clothes she threw on that morning, and inching ever-closer to losing her tenuous grip on her sanity.
Ever the optimist, Libby wakes each day, determined to find space for herself, and an unoccupied hour in which she can simply soak in a hot bath in silence. And though her days leave little room for such luxuries, still she has hope that the next day might be different.
Danielle Botz
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