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Zoom Horror: A Short Scary Story

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“What’s the capital of Colombia?” asked Travis, enjoying his turn as the quizmaster for their weekly quiz night.

They’d all been friends since childhood, and university wasn’t going to change that, even if they were at different ones. Travis had moved to New York while Stefan and Ryan had stayed in their hometown of Mansfield, MA but travelled into Boston for their studies. Sean had moved on campus at Brown University so was only about 30 minutes from Stefan and Ryan.

They still tried to see each other often but it was hard for them all to be in the same room at the same time. The weekly zoom quiz was something they all looked forward to.

They all grew up together in the town and their parents were all friends, meaning countless sleepovers and games while they grew up. Others had come and gone but their friendship was the only constant. Solid, unchangeable.

“Bogota,” exclaimed Ryan.

“Correct,” confirmed Travis. “Another point to Ryan.”

Ryan was usually the winner of these quizzes as he has an incredible depth of...
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