Peter Lovesey

The Finisher

On the 50th anniversary of the publication of his first novel, Peter Lovesey,
Mystery Writers of America Grand Master and titan of the British detective novel,
returns to the subject of his very first mystery—running.

Through a particularly ill-fated series of events, couch potato Maeve Kelly, an
elementary school teacher, has been forced to sign up for the Other Half, Bath’s
springtime half marathon. The training is brutal, but Maeve must disprove her
mother, who insists that exercise is a waste of her time, and collect pledges for her
aunt’s beloved charity. What she doesn’t know is just how vicious some of the other
runners are.

Meanwhile, Detective Peter Diamond is tasked with crowd control on the raucous
day of the race—and catches sight of a violent criminal he put away a decade ago, who
very much seems to be back to his old ways now that he is paroled. Diamond’s hackles
are already up when he learns that one of the runners never crossed the finish line and
disappeared without a trace. Was Diamond a spectator to murder?
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